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Revolutionary low cost premium features LED Dancefloor that offers


Our floor panels are modular which allows the addition of any quantity of panels in any configuration.

Panel Construction

Each dance floor panel is 1m x 1m
The surface is constructed of a German imported Engineering polymer
Addressable RGB LED's
Built in Power Supply
Easy to connect using Waterproof connectors  


3mm High quality aluminium treadplate
Proprietory interlocking system for quick install and strike
Light weight

Easy to Install / Strike

Our floors are designed for the mobile DJ working without any assistants

3m x 3m floor takes 30 minutes
4m x 4m floor takes 45 minutes
3m x 3m floor takes  8 minutes
4m x 4m floor takes 10 minutes

Control Electronics

ARTNET controller that will connect to ANY industry standard software.
Ethernet Input
Each controller can control up to 24 LED Dancefloor Panels


We include a real-time control software with our floors.
This software is free
We have found this software comparable to software costing hundreds of dollars.


1 Year Guarantee on all the parts except the surface has a 5 year guarantee against breaking

Size / Weight

Panel Size:
1000mm x 1000mm x 45mm

Panel Weight:

Edging Size:
1000mm x 200mm x 45mm

Edging Weight:

Corner Edging Size:
200mm x 200mm x 45mm

Corner Edging Weight:

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