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About Hiring the Floor

We have hired out our dancefloors for many different types of functions including
Birthdays, Fashion Shows, Weddings, Christmas Parties, Product launches and Corporate events

We are able to have the Floor in Horizontal or Vertical positions, backdrops for concerts, fashion shoots or even as a ceiling.
With the weight of each 1m x 1m panel being only 9.5kgs it gives us the flexibility to use them anywhere.

We can customise the floor shape to anything you require using the 1m x 1m panels.

As we are the manufacturer of the floors, we are able to do any shape on request.

We offer the floor with or without operator. When you take the floor without an operator,
you are still able to use the touchscreen Laptop to control it.

You are able to choose patterns or just leave it on a random pattern choice all night.

The floor must be setup inside on a flat surface wand half a metre extra space on each side is required.

If you require some text or graphics written on the floor, either the operator can do it in real-time
we can pre-program it for you.



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